AMS PhD summer school: Smart Solutions for the Urban Metropole (Amsterdam & Bologna)

3-15 July 2016, Amsterdam & Bologna

Turn your research into practice with our two-week PhD summer school on the circular metropole. We will support, train and coach PhD students with different scientific specialisations to transfer their research knowledge into smart sustainable solutions for the metropolises of the future. You will get experienced with multidisciplinary collaboration, creative skills, commercial thinking, and communication with different stakeholders. You will work on real life challenges of the metropolitan city’s of Amsterdam (week 1) and Bologna (week 2) based on the strong involvement of both Municipalities as problem owners. The different context of two main cities in Europe gives a unique experience of how global challenges are solved and solutions are implemented locally.

In the summer school there will be two main challenges addressed: ‘Urban Metabolism’ which is addressing the circular economy of a city and ‘Urban Water management’, which is addressing the problems that urban area’s face with water. For both challenges local cases will be presented in both Amsterdam (f.e. the Ceuvel and park 2020) and Bologna (f.e. Zamboni district).

This summer school is organized by Climate-KIC, in close cooperation with AMS Institute and other partners.

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