AMS RSAN Spring Event: The Circular City

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the circular economy in our society. In this ‘new’ economy, waste no longer exists and raw materials are being reused. Energy comes from renewable sources, while we also share more and more consumption. How does the circular economy manifest itself spatially? And what can you as a policymaker do to locally stimulate the circular economy?

RSA Nederland – research and policy in the field of regional and urban economic and social issues – wants to stimulate the discussion on the topic of circular cities within this community. Together with AMS Institute they organize a day with a strong content-based program, serving lunch and closing with drinks. In the morning session, two AMS PIs are on stage; environmental economist, Ekko van Ierland, and behavior economist, Michel Handgraaf. With CTO circular policy maker, Sladjana Mijatovic they will shed their light on the circular economy from different angles. The afternoon program is open for presentations by other researchers and policymakers.

For whom?
Members of RSAN, researchers on the topic and interested policymakers.

To register for the event click here.
Applications for presentations (in Dutch or English) for the afternoon program can be sent to Eveline van Leeuwen before the 15th of May.

More information and the full program can be found here.