This academic year Wageningen University & Research and TU Delft introduce a new two-year joint master’s program in the city of Amsterdam. The MSc in Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering (MSc MADE) focuses on the metropolitan challenges of Amsterdam as a booming city, using the city of Amsterdam as a case study and a living lab. Set up in collaboration with AMS Institute, the program connects students to real life cases, business, the city and its citizens – training them hands-on for the multidisciplinary challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s cities.

Kajsa Ollongren, Alderman in Amsterdam, is proud of this new addition to the city’s already wide range of educational programs and degrees: “We’re attracting fresh talent to the city. The new group of students will work on Amsterdam’s urban challenges for now and for the future. For instance topics regarding crowdedness in the city, the growing number of tourists, and the number of transport movements. The MSc MADE students will look for new solutions, start new economic activities and contribute to the city’s continued development into an attractive, innovative, strong and sustainable metropolitan area.”

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