AMS Sustainable Urban Energy Conference

This conference takes a multi-disciplinary approach and explores the technological, economic, ethical, behavioral, governance and public policy aspects of (analyzing and designing) urban energy systems. It does so from a comprehensive engineering perspective, and aims at highlighting current trends and issues affecting urban energy systems. In that Conference, AMS Institue will host a workshop on nov 8th.

Workshop: ma your Research a Living Lab
What are living Labs, and what not? How can your research benefit from the Living Lab approach? How can you involve and stakeholders more in your research? These are the central questions that we will explore in this session. You will get first ideas on how to enrich your research, judge on the applicability and potential impact of using a living lab.

Leendert Verhoef & Arjen van der Meer

Date: nov 8th
Time: 16:15

Organizing Party
TU Delft

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Arjen van der Meer

Photo: TU Delft