AMS THE FUTURE OF PUBLIC SPACES – Design Thinking Workshop

Since 2016, The Fabrique de la Cité and the AMS have been jointly conducting a multi-year project entitled The Future of Public Spaces. As part of this multi year project, on March 17th 2017, a design thinking workshop will be held in Paris on the challenge “How can we foster social inclusiveness and promote health through the development of public spaces?”. Several questions will be addressed among others, ‘How can the practice of sport in public spaces foster social inclusiveness for all? What would a public space allowing and encouraging positive interactions between sport and society look like?’

This workshop will gather a working group of 30 international experts (scholars, architects, urban planners, representatives of nonprofit organizations and of the sport industry, artists, technicians and elected officials…) to work together on possible paths of action and innovation in the form of digital platforms, temporary (or permanent) installations within public spaces and but also on the potential of existing urban furniture.

This workshop will draw on research conducted by la Fabrique de la Cité, the AMS and ARUP, including an analysis of the relations between public space, sport and social inclusion, a benchmark of innovative installations developed throughout the world and the assessment of ongoing programs designed to promote physical activity in the city of Amsterdam. Our aim is to subsequently carry out experiments in terms of citizen implication and temporary installations, mainly within Amsterdam.

<< The workshop is not open for registration. Results of the workshop will be communicated after the event. >>

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