AMS Things as Citizens – PACT kick-off event

PACT research program, together with AMS, is launching the project “Things as Citizens”, dedicated to the investigation of the opportunities and challenges of emerging interactions between people and autonomous things, in the context of smart cities. The aim is to explore how things might connect with existing networks of data, collect real time data, act proactively and behave socially.

The event will bring together experts in the fields of data science, robotics, ethics of technology and social sciences to discuss what are the main challenges and opportunities currently offered by the smart city infrastructures, and how these should inform the design of near future things as citizens.

– 15:00 Welcoming and introduction
– 16:00 Panel
– 17:00 Round tables
– 18:00 Wrap-up and drinks

Confirmed speakers include: Iskander Smit (, Stephan van Dijk (AMS), Elisa Giaccardi (Connected Everyday Lab, TU Delft), Jorrit Kuipers (RobotTuner), Michal Čàp (TU Delft), Virginia Dignum (TU Delft), and Marleen Stikker (Waag).

Registrations for the event here.

For more information contact Maria Lupetti.