AMS Workshop Green Street

Towards Water Smart Cities

A recent global study shows that 1 in 4 cities worldwide already is seriously water stressed. We have to rethink the way we deal with water in our cities and need to (re)design cities from drained cities to green, circular and vital cities, so called Water-Smart cities (WSC). Expected large global investments for urban development in the coming decades will create a global market for systemic innovations in the context of WSC. The challenge is to realize this integrated approach in a sectoral world and create an inspiring business case on district/city level. There is a need for evidence based innovations and demonstration projects to prove the business case and benefits for integrating urban planning and water management.

During this workshop we initiate a demonstration project The Green Street as a showcase for Water Smart Cities in Amsterdam/Almere at the Floriade 2022. We will bring together businesses, governments and researchers in a workshop to initiate a demonstrations project on the water smart city concept: The Green Street. The Green Street will be a living lab for water-food-energy innovations to demonstrate the business case and benefits of integrating urban planning and water management.