AMS Workshop Smart Active Mode Mobility

In 2015, AMS Institute and TU Delft have started a new scientific program to unravel pedestrian and cyclist flows in cities coined ALLEGRO. After a successful two-day starting conference organised last year, we are now taking the opportunity to present and discuss the plans and results so far.

The ALLEGRO programme deals with Active Mode Mobility from a variety of perspectives. While developing new theories and models for the behaviour of pedestrians and cyclists in cities in the core of the project, the programme aims to contribute to practice and policy as well. Almost all ALLEGRO researchers by now have started their research, and many of the projects have already resulted in very interesting and relevant results. Since, at the same time, the researchers are finalising their research plans, including the main research objective and their research questions, this is an excellent time to confront the scientific challenges that we see with the active-mode related practical and policy questions that are relevant to many of our cities.

The day is designed such that the participants get sufficient room to interact with the researchers. This is achieved in two ways. First, the researcher will briefly explain her or his project objectives and research approach, and show some first relevant results. The researcher will close the presentation by indicating the (expected) practical or policy relevance of the work. We will ask one stakeholder to provide an immediate reaction to the presentation, and have a short debate. Secondly, there are four discussion moments in the programme when the audience can debate with the researchers about their work, focussing on its relevance.

Please be welcome, share your professional ideas at this conference and meet the researchers! Attendance of the workshop is free of charge. Please register by clicking on this link.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you on 7 September!