AMS Young Professionals Think Tank: Smart Urban Retrofit (2nd day)

FabCity Campus is the exciting project that turns Amsterdam’s Java-eiland into a micro city full of sustainable innovations for 11 weeks. Championing co-creation, urban innovation and circularity as essential points for EU’s Urban Agenda, AMS Institute, Pakhuis de Zwijger and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have partnered up with numerous other innovators to bring together 400 students, professionals, artists and creatives. Jointly they’ll work on, explore and showcase cutting-edge solutions to current urban issues.

AMS Institute is organizing a Young Professionals Think Tank on May 12 and June 14. Hosted especially for the young bright minds of our partnering organizations, this two-day programme Smart Urban Retrofit addresses the global challenges faced whilst making the existing housing stock energy neutral.

Transforming existing households into energy neutral homes, has been widely recognized as a pivotal innovation in solving urban issues. Via lectures, workshops, discussions and networking opportunities, this YP Think Tank educates, challenges and connects young professionals to each other, policy makers and seasoned experts. We host the YP Think Tank on Amsterdam’s FabCity Campus.

Registration is open for AMS partners, on a invitation only basis. Curious about smart urban retrofitting, but not able to join the think tank? The outcome of these two days will be presented in the public programme ‘Smart energy in practice, in the evening of June 14 in Pakhuis de Zwijger *.

Draft programme:

June 14 (2nd day)

09.00 Check-in and reflection on group assignment

10.00 Inspirational keynotes at FabCity Campus, with

11.00 Break out working sessions, with

  • Frank de Feijter, PhD Candidate Urban Retrofit at Wageningen UR
  • Siebe Broersma, Climate Design & Sustainability researcher at TU Delft
  • Jorick Beijer, AMS Institute

13.30 Lunch and tour at FabCity Campus

14.30 Pre-presentation with Arjan van Timmeren, Scientific Director at AMS Institute and Professor of Environmental Technology & Design at TU Delft

15.30 Break out working sessions

18.00 Team presentations

19.00-20.30 Dinner with Directors-General and Secretaries-General of various Dutch Ministries

20.30 Public presentation outcomes at Pakhuis de Zwijger *, with a.o. Leon Bobbe (Director of De Key) and Darinka Czischke (Assistant Professor at TU Delft)

*) Check this page to register for the presentations at Pakhuis de Zwijger. A livestream will be available as well.