During the student for a day event, you will get an introduction to the Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering master's program. You can join a guided tour through AMS Institute, where the master's program is taking place. Also, there is a lunch with current students.

Urban data is core in understanding the city. VR can be used as a new tool to bring urban data to life. You can experience how this works during the 'Student for a Day' program.

Experience MADE MSc

10:00 - Welcome and coffee

10:30 - Opening and introduction to MADE by Arjen Zegwaard, programme director

11:00 - Introduction to AMS institute, Kenneth Heijns, managing director

11:30 - MADE-IT Study association

12:00 - Tour around AMS Institute, by MADE students

13:00 - Lunch

14:00 - MSc MADE Course 'Metropolitan Solutions'. Join the first year students in their course work

16:00 - Drinks

How can you sign up for the 'Student for a day' program?

If you want to join this day you can send an email to: mmd.msc@wur.nl.

Read more about the MSc MADE program and the application process here.

For more information on the MSc MADE program from a students' perspective, you can contact Noelle Teh - MSc MADE student (Noelle also involved in the organization of the "Student for a Day' program)



The MSc MADE aims to educate urban engineers that are equipped to deal with the metropolitan challenges of our cities. In its interdisciplinary courses, students attain skills and knowledge by testing their ideas in projects and living labs in Amsterdam.

MSc MADE Knowledge Videos 2018

First-Year Students Knowledge Clips


MSc MADE Living Lab results


After months of hard work, co-creation sessions, research, stakeholder interviews, design, and product development, the first cohort of MSc MADE students revealed their urban solutions and prototypes in a Living Lab exhibition.


AMS Science for the City #11

Would you live in a floating city? And do you think Amsterdam is being turned into an amusement park? MSc MADE first-year students were given the opportunity to present the knowledge clips produced for the course Metropolitan in Pakhuis de Zwijger.