Bits of You and Senses of Amsterdam | De Studio of NEMO
In De Studio of NEMO at the Marineterrein you will find events and exhibitions for adults. In Bits of You you will experience how the data traces you leave behind every day, affect your life. Immerse yourself in a vortex of data, discover how algorithms work and catch a glimpse of the data-future.

In De Studio of NEMO, you can also pay a visit to the exhibit 'Senses of Amsterdam' which we developed in collaboration with The City of Amsterdam and NEMO. This exhibit is part of the Responsible Sensing Lab.

Living Lab Tour | Marineterrein
The Marineterrein is a test area for solutions for urgent urban games. During the Living Lab tour we will show you the most recent projects in the field of data, mobility and circularity. We start at 3 p.m. at the NEMO Studio on the Marineterrein. More info will follow soon.

'Zo te Zien' | NEMO
'Zo te Zien' is a family exhibition about the sense seeing in NEMO Science Museum. How do you look when you're color blind, curved or even blind? Is what you see real? And how does seeing work in your brain?

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Urban Living Labs

Urban Living Labs provide a co-innovative setting, in which multiple stakeholders jointly test, develop and create metropolitan solutions.


Visit 'Senses of Amsterdam'

Responsible Urban Digitization

From June 5, NEMO De Studio will reopen its doors meaning you can pay a visit to Senses of Amsterdam - an interactive exhibit about sensors in the city of Amsterdam.