Plenty of opportunities for new business ideas arise from our education and research & innovation activities and collaborations. At AMS Institute, we stimulate entrepreneurship and aim to propel innovative ideas towards impactful business, through strategic collaboration within our network. Moreover, our own entrepreneurship program helps launch and fast-track promising business ideas of start-ups on the topic of urban sustainability.

“In our community, we witness many innovative business ideas emerge – ideas that simply need to see the light of day. From our MADE curriculum and research activities to entrepreneurs in our network, we often encounter bright minds that are looking for the right eco-system and a place to grow and develop their business models.”

Kenneth Heijns

Managing Director

AMS Startup Booster

To help develop and establish these new start-up ideas we developed an incubation program, the AMS Startup Booster, which was launched in 2020. The AMS Startup Booster provides an ecosystem to grow businesses that make an impact on the cities and their citizens. We aim to help the next generation of early-stage ambitious urban startups to turn ideas into reality. What does the AMS Startup Booster program look like? Find more information here.

Ready to turn your idea into a business? More info about the next edition will follow soon. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

“We aim to bring the start-ups to the level where they have eliminated uncertainties, done a thorough customer discovery, formed a strong team, and can venture out with a solid pitch and minimal viable product.”

Ioannis Ioannidis

Entrepreneurship Lead

The AMS Startup Booster - Apply now


AMS startup booster is an early-stage incubator for urban-tech business idea development.


The Leaf: Climate Adaptive Pergolas


Worldwide cities heat up, experience loss of biodiversity and more heavy rainfall. Adding greenery in urban areas mitigates such climate change impact. Where to place this greenery as urban space is limited? The Leaf’s solution: climate-adaptive pergolas.


Park Design and Management


Worldwide, park design and management in large metropolitan areas are based on a limited understanding of...