“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.”

Nadina Galle

Urban Technology, GeoAI, Urban Forests, Urban Ecology

“I like to help startups gain valuable insights to solve urgent urban challenges.”

Tom van Arman

Smart City, Civic Technologies, Urban Innovations, Architect

“I want to share my knowledge with people that want to make the world a better place”

Willemien de Vogel - van Musschenbroek Greve

Impact, Innovation, Business Models, Online Start-Up, Human Factor

“I have unlimited energy for relevant dialogue which leads to something positive”

Parsia Tayebi

Leadership Management, Corporate Innovation, Coaching, Human- Centered Design

“Helping people create things that matter from an integrated business perspective is relevant & fun”

Vincent van Dijk

Business and Brand Strategy, Digital Innovation and Transformation, Design Strategy

“We all have to pull our weight to bring new (tech-enabled) solutions to solve our global crisis”

Ren Yee

Innovation Strategy, Urban Tech Design & Innovation, Spatial Design

“The best way fo stay focussed on making your ideas happen: jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on your way down.”

Sjoerd Leemhuis

Project Management, Risk Management, Business Development


“Knowledge of business development, finance, market development”

Jan Egbertsen

Marketing, Business Development, Coaching Startups, Finance

“Alumni of 500 Startups and Rockstart, happy to offer lessons learned building my previous startup”

Guy Vincent

Fundraising, Customer Development, Internationalisation

“I love to build products, solve business goals and structure the chaos involved in starting a new business.”

Niels de Keizer

Startup Coach, Product Strategy & Product Management

“I like to bring my experience and knowledge to help set off, grow and concentrate startups on their products, services, clients.”

Boris Lambert

Finance & Administration, Business Processes, International Environments