AMS Knowledge Videos – Students projects

The students of the master Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering (MSc MADE) work on defining and understanding the metropolitan challenges of the city of Amsterdam within themes such as urban mobility, food, water, waste, energy and health – and learn to understand how these challenges are interlinked. Through these series of knowledge videos, the students share their first observations on some of  these metropolitan challenges.

Obesogenic Environment
Did you know that on a daily basis, we make over 200 food choices? In this video, you’ll learn more about the food environment in which you make your choices and we dive into the obesogenic environment of Amsterdam.


Where does mint come from?
Where does your mint come from? In this video, we’ll follow mint leafs on their journey from the producer to the distributor, to Food Centre Amsterdam, and finally ending up on the shelves of Marqt. With Volkert Engelsman from Eosta BV who underlines the importance of transparency on footprint in the fresh food supply chain.


Material Flow Analysis
Know your flows! This video shows the first steps cities need to take to make their material flows more sustainable and circular. Including an expert view on Material Flow Analysis from Metabolic‘s Nadine Galle.


Micropollutant in wastewater
Diving into the social and technical solutions for reducing pharmaceutical micropollutants in wastewater streams.