AMS Arnold Bregt


Data Management
Professor Geo-information Science
Wageningen University & Research

Prof. dr. ir. Arnold Bregt

Arnold Bregt is Professor Geo-informaiton Science Wageningen University & Research. He is (co)-author of over 300 publications on spatial statistics in soil science, spatial data uncertainty, spatial-temporal modelling, spatial data infrastructures and the application of geo-information science for society. His current research interests are spatial data infrastructures, land use modelling and spatial thinking. The last years he was and is strongly involved in a number of projects and activities concerning research and development of the Spatial data infrastructures. He was also one of the initiators and acted as scientific director of the research programme “Space for geo-information”, which was granted a subsidy of 20 million euro in 2003. Recently he initiated the Wageningen University wide research programme on complex adaptive systems. Since 2014 he is principal investigator at Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS). Under his supervision 25 PhD students have completed their thesis.

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