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Professor of Environmental Economics and Natural Resources
Wageningen University & Research

Prof. dr. Ekko van Ierland

Prof. dr. Ekko C. van Ierland (1953) is full Professor of Environmental Economics and Natural Resources and Head of the Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. He holds a PhD in economics and econometrics from the University of Amsterdam. He acted as chairman of the board of Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research (WIMEK). Van Ierland has been an advisor to the Scientific council for Government Policy (WRR) and the National Budget Office (Algemene Rekenkamer), and performed research in commission of the Ministry of Agriculture (LNV), the Ministry of Physical Planning and the Environment (VROM) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). He has been supervisor of about 25 PhD candidates and is currently supervising a team of 15 PhD students at Wageningen University. He is author or editor of 6 books on environmental economics and policy with international scientific publishers and contributed to a large number of books and international journals. Prof. van Ierland was programme leader of the Knowledge for Climate Programme for Theme 8 on Decision support tools for climate adaptation, The Netherlands, 2010-2014, and has ample experience with EU projects, including MARBEF on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning; AQUATERRA on the impact of climate change on cooperation between riparian countries in river basins using a game theoretical analysis; OSIRIS: Optimized Strategies for Risk Assessment of Chemicals based on Intelligent Testing; MEDIATION Methodology for Effective Decision-making on Impacts and Adaptation; EPI-WATER: Evaluating Economic Policy Instruments for Sustainable Water Management in Europe; VECTORS: Vectors of Change in Oceans and Seas Marine Life, Impact on Economic Sectors; and ECNONADAPT, on the economics of adaptation measures for the EU.

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