AMS Iulian Barba-Lata

The Ludic City

Iulian Barba-Lata

Wageningen University & Research
Land Use Planning

Iulian Barba-Lata is a research fellow on the SMART Inclusive Cities track, connected to Land Use Planning at Wageningen University & Research, AMS institute and R-LINK. His research project ‘The Ludic City’ contributes to ongoing explorations of SMART Urbanism and Urban Living Labs, to better understand the factors that stimulate effective learning environments in cities and metropolitan regions. Within this scope, his work pivots on enrollment through play as a transient form of citizenship and participation. This perspective is developed in relation to three main research foci: alternative uses of public spaces in cities, rural-urban synergies for sustainable development, and interactive visualization tools for learning.


Prof. Leonie Janssen-Jansen, PhD

Iulian Barba-Lata holds a PhD in Cultural Geography from Wageningen University & Research and has a background in urban planning and design. His scholarly interests range from innovation studies and urban governance to spatial theory and philosophy. His previous research investigated the emergence of alternative innovations across land-water interfaces. Aligned to a critical reflection on the mainstream treatment of innovation, the results challenged a series of normative assumptions on the meanings that creativity, novelty or inventiveness afford in achieving societal impact.

Iulian is a member of the Metropolitan Solutions Consortium (MetSol) at Wageningen University & Research, that is aiming to co-develop, test and refine metropolitan solutions together with citizens, businesses, and public actors through an integrated living lab approach, based mainly in Amsterdam, and connected to the national and international context.