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Connected City

Intelligent Urban Infrastructures
3D Geoinformation
Delft University of Technology

Prof. dr. Jantien Stoter

Jantien is full professor 3D Geoinformation, at the Department of Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment. Her research is ambition is to develop better ways to model cities, landscapes and buildings in 3D to support urban applications. For her PhD (3D Cadastre) in 2004 she received the KNAW Tienstra award. After her PhD she worked several years at ITC, University of Twente (2004-2009). 

She currently combines her professorship with jobs as researcher at both the Kadaster and Geonovum with the aim to be able to use the practical environment as living lab for her academic research. For her accomplishment in this interchange between research and practice she received several awards mainly on her achievements for developing a 3D national standard which was adopted by the Dutch government. The national standard was the result of a huge collaboration of research institutes, industry and governmental organisations in the Netherlands, initiated and led by Jantien. Jantien is chair of the EuroSDR Commission “Data Modelling and Processing” and leader of the national 3D SIG (Special Interest Group) as well as of the EuroSDR 3D SIG. Since March 2015, she is vice-chair of the OGC 3D Information Management Domain Working Group (OGC 3DIM DWG).

For her research on 5D data modelling she received the prestigious Vidi award of the Netherlands Scientific Foundation (NWO). In addition she received a Starting Grant from the European Research Council for her proposal Urban Modelling in higher dimensions (ERC). Since december 2016, she is Principal Investigator in AMS. She wrote over 250 academic and professional articles and appeared several times in regional and national media. She is member of the editorial boards of several journals.