AMS Manuela Triggianese


Manuela Triggianese

Delft University of Technology
Complex Projects, Faculty of Architecture

Manuela Triggianese is AMS research fellow at the Department of Architecture of Delft University of Technology. She is responsible instructor of AMS MID-City design studio and City of Innovations seminars at TU Delft. The research-based program includes lecture series on Health, Energy and Mobility and workshops at TU Delft and AMSInstute on the influence of technology and data on future urban development strategies. Main question is: how will technology affect new architectural typologies and urban realities (at building/urban scale, highway and buffer zones, district, neighbourhood). The case studies for the design studio are located in the ring zones of Amsterdam.
AMS MID-City will end with an exhibition organized in close collaboration with the City of Amsterdam, as a platform for discussion on its future development. It will cover issues related to density, transportation, housing, public and semi-public spaces.
Next to the MID-City studio (research-by-design), her scientific research ambition is to re-define the role of stations in future metropolitan areas and their designer(s) in complex processes. She is starting a new French-Dutch collaboration on the topic of ‘smart stations in attractive cities’. The intention of this collaboration is twofold: to introduce FR-NL cooperation in this field, with triple P involvement (People-Planet-Profit), and to set up a common research agenda.


Prof. Kees Kaan

Manuela Triggianese (F) is researcher and lecturer at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment. Graduated cum laude in Architecture in Italy, in 2014 she obtained the title of dottore di ricerca at the Faculty of Architecture in Venice (IUAV).
Since January 2016 she is coordinating the education activities of the Architectural Design Chair of Complex Projects. In April 2015 she moved to Beijing (China) for 3 months within the UKNA program (Urban Knowledge Network Asia) conducting research on ‘high speed train stations’ and teaching activities at the College of Architecture & Urban Planning of the Beijing Technical University (BJUT).
She has been participating for 3 years (2011-2014) to the international research program ‘Villard d’ Honnecourt’ coordinated by IUAV, in collaboration with the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM) and Ecole Nationale Superieure d’ Architecture de Paris Belleville.
She speaks fluently French, English, Spanish, Italian (mother tongue). She publishes research articles on station projects in journals and participates to national and international conferences and workshops.

Selected publications

  • Eurallile: Twenty years on. In RJ Rutte, HJ Engel, EH Gramsbergen & OR Diesfeldt (Eds.), OverHolland 16/17 (pp. 111-139). Nijmegen: Vantilt.
  • De Terminus / In view of the Terminal. In Snelweg x Stad / Highway x City (pp. 152-160)
  • The railway station as a centrepiece of urban design, interview published online in
  • (Before) station design: A lesson learnt from North European Project processes. Lecture at the 5th international conference on railway stations, NEXT STATION 2015: Rethinking stations for future intermobility.
  • From Utopia to Real World. Construction of a Unique Metropolitan Space of Europe. In MONU#19 Greater Urbanism