AMS Maxim Amosov

Strategic Framework for Regenerative Flows Integration and Leverage

Maxim Amosov

Delft University of Technology
Architectural Engineering and Technology

Maxim Amosov is a Research Fellow at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) and the department of Architectural Engineering and Technology at TU Delft, with the project ‘Strategic Framework for Regenerative Flows Integration and Leverage’. His research focuses on development of an integrated framework, method and toolkits that are engineered for the Circular City design, to improve understanding of the complex relations in the city, and how these relations can be leveraged to facilitate transition to the Circular Economy. In his work Maxim investigates best practices and models for city system analysis, integrates them into a framework, and tests it on the real cases in Amsterdam. In doing so, he analyses the components of the Amsterdam city (technologies and infrastructures), the regenerative potentials (resources and flows), key dependencies (stakeholders and arrangements) and leverage points (impact factor, systemic cost of an intervention). Goal of this project is to support a decision-making process of the key stakeholders of Amsterdam, and integrate research agenda of AMS and knowledge partners into a powerful platform for valorization of their data.

He graduated with an MSc in Urban Environmental Management from Wageningen University, and an Engineer degree in Cadaster from Omsk State Agricultural University. He participated in development of an entrepreneurial cooperative ‘Metabolic’, consulting and venture-building company; and a living lab ‘De Ceuvel’, city playground for testing technologies and business models in Amsterdam. 

My passions are ‘global sustainability’, ‘human growth’, ’empowerment’ and ‘innovation’. My super-powers are ‘creativity’, ‘systems thinking’ and ‘spirituality’.