AMS Nicole de Roos

Healing Gardens

Nicole de Roos

Wageningen University & Research
Human Nutrition and Epidemiology, Nutrition and Disease

In her research, Nicole focusses on the effect of diet on health and wellbeing before, during, and after disease treatment. Within AMS Institute, she works on the project Healing Gardens: vegetable gardening as a means to improve diet and physical activity of men and women with a chronic disease. Cities are not just full of young, healthy, active people, we share our space with citizens who experience the results of old age and chronic or acute diseases. Lifestyle improvements including physical activity and healthy eating do not need to be restricted to sports centers and clinics. Being outdoors, planting and harvesting vegetables and fruits, could be an effective means to become or remain physically active, to eat well, and to stay connected with other citizens.  


Prof. Ellen Kampman, PhD

My research concentrates on the role of nutrition before, during and after medical treatment of various patients groups. I collaborate with medical specialists, dietitians, and food researchers to tackle disease-related diet problems in a multidisciplinary way. In my latest project, the Cater with Care study, we found that most elderly patients are unaware of the risk of undernutrition and the importance of proteins. Providing them with protein-enriched familiar foods helped them to reach recommended protein intakes in care homes, the hospital, and at home. Recovery from hospital treatment was better in elderly with the highest protein intakes. Other research topics include nutritional status and energy balance in cystic fibrosis patients, patients with muscular diseases, cancer patients, and kidney diseases. In these studies, dietary intake data, biomarkers of intake, and several indicators of health are combined with the ultimate goal of improving health and quality of life through better nutrition.

Nicole is coordinator of the Metropolitan Solutions Consortium (MetSol) at Wageningen University & Research, that is aiming to co-develop, test and refine metropolitan solutions together with citizens, businesses and public actors through an integrated living lab approach on the , based mainly in Amsterdam, and connected to the national and international context.