AMS Peter Mooij

Valorising waste-streams using algae and bacteria

Hanne Nijlhuis/Faces of Science/

Peter Mooij

Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department of Biotechnology

In his research, Peter focusses on creating a composite material from two municipal waste-streams. Two municipal waste-streams can be transformed in a nature-based composite, which on its turn can be used to produce park benches, bike parts or any other composite product. For the city this translates to the upcycling of two waste streams and a smaller dependency on fossil resources.


Prof. Mark van Loosdrecht, PhD

Peter Mooij (1985) finished his PhD on Lipid and sugar production by mixed cultures of microalgae at the Delft University in 2015. He wrote a popular science book on how algae will save the world, was blogger for the Faces of Science program of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, gave a talk at TEDxDelft and presented his research on national TV and radio.