AMS Simeon Calvert

Urban Mobility Lab 2.0

Dr. ir. Simeon C. Calvert

Delft University of Technology
Transport & Planning

Simeon Calvert is a research fellow at the department of Transport and Planning at the Delft University of Technology. There he acts as coordinator of the Delft integrated Traffic and Travel Lab (DiTTlab) and is involved in research and education. Simeon is connected to AMS Institute as a research fellow on the topic of Urban Mobility Lab 2.0 (UML) with professor Hans van Lint, and is involved in the AMS assisted project Meaningful Human Control of automated vehicles (MHC) with professor Bart van Arem. 
The UML project aims at gaining new insights into the dynamics of multimodal traffic and travel patterns in metropolitan areas using (big) data from many different sources. These insights in turn provide ample opportunities for better multimodal traffic and demand management in Amsterdam as well as better information services for travellers. To achieve these aims, close collaboration is sought with various researchers and scientific projects are proposed and initiated to tackle specific elements of UML2.0 and further its overall goals.


Hans van Lint

After completing his MSc in Transport & Planning in Delft, Simeon worked for a short time as a research assistant at the university and in 2010 joined the research institute TNO, The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, as a research scientist. Simeon’s main activities at TNO involved performing applied scientific research on topics relating to traffic flows, traffic flow modelling, traffic management, network analysis and the impact of automated and cooperative driving. Part of this also involved writing national and European research proposals, leading research projects, supervising student internship and leading and coordinating the Connected & Cooperative Mobility (CCM) research team.

In July 2011, Simeon commenced his PhD research in part-time at the Delft University of Technology, while continuing to work at TNO. This research focused on the analysis and modelling of stochasticity in traffic flow to improve evaluation and implementation of traffic management on high level roads. The research was performed under the supervision of Serge Hoogendoorn, Henk Taale and Maaike Snelder, and was co-financed and supported by his employer, TNO, and TrafficQuest. In Novemeber 2017, Simeon left TNO and joined the Delft integrated Traffic and Travel Lab (DiTTlab) at the TU Delft under the supervision of professor Hans van Lint. He currently acts as coordinator of the DiTTlab and performs research focused on the traffic flow effects of new technologies on roads, mainly related to vehicle automation. Through his work at TNO and the TU Delft, Simeon has written and contributed to a vast number of scientific papers, both for journals as well as conferences and symposia, and has been a guest speaker at various national and international conferences and courses. Simeon also maintains a broad professional network, both in academia and in industry that stretches across the world. Simeon maintains a broad interest in a vast number of traffic flow related topics and has a particular interest in traffic management and the analysis of traffic flow, as well as the impact of automated and cooperative driving.