AMS Xuezhen Guo

Fresh Food City

Xuezhen Guo

Wageningen University & Research
Operations Research and Logistics

Research topics

  • City logistics
  • Last mile delivery network design
  • Food supply chain management
  • Urban food, water and energy system optimization


  • Last-mile logistics improvement in the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen
  • Parcel delivery system optimization with alternative delivery addresses
  • Harmonization of the crowdsourced delivery networks with the professional delivery networks in cities
  • Indicator development to facilitate urban food, water and energy system design


Prof. Jacqueline Bloemhof

Xuezhen Guo is a PhD graduate from Wageningen University. He has industrial and consultancy experience in the field of supply chain management and logistics. He successively worked for Buck Consultants International and Michael Kors. He provided consultancy services for big international corporations from food, fashion, e-commerce, and healthcare industries to optimize their logistics networks in the EU market. Currently, Xuezhen is working for AMS Institute to develop projects in the areas of city logistics, last mile delivery, and food supply chain management, with the aim to provide advanced logistic solutions to contribute to sustainable metropolitan development.

Xuezhen is a member of the Metropolitan Solutions Consortium (MetSol) at Wageningen University & Research, that is aiming to co-develop, test and refine metropolitan solutions together with citizens, businesses, and public actors through an integrated living lab approach, based mainly in Amsterdam, and connected to the national and international context.