AMS AMS kicks-off research programme The Feeding City

Together with the Flevo Campus Partners city of Almere, province of Flevoland, and Aeres Group, AMS kicks-off a new research programme. On January 25th we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the partners named above, to mark our collaboration for the coming years at the Flevo Campus in Almere. Flevo Campus, which opened January 10 this year, will function as a living-lab and is a place where governments, companies and research institutions are able to invest in practical scientific research, education and business-oriented developments relating to the theme ‘food and the city’.

This collaboration is an important impulse for the Flevo Campus. In 2022 Almere will organize the world expo Floriade with the theme “Feeding the City”, a podium for innovations in the field of urbanization issues for the future. To ensure the innovations for the Floriade in 2022, AMS Institute has designed the research programme The Feeding City.

Almere is located in the metropole region Amsterdam and is are very well suited to carry out research on the food system in a living lab setting. Not just because of the presence of nature there or its good position of the agro-sector, but also because of their ambition to put food and everything that is connected with it as central to further developments of the city. By performing research in Almere and the surroundings, AMS Institute stresses that food related questions and solutions in the urban environment are inextricably bound up with what is happening in the whole metropole region Amsterdam.

The city of Almere, the Province of Flevoland, AMS Institute and Aeres Group pursue common objectives with different approaches: the realisation of sustainable and viable solutions to our food system from an urban perspective. As partners, we need each other in order to achieve this. Our objectives naturally come together in Flevo Campus and the Floriade 2022. For AMS Institute, the Floriade in 2022 in Almere with the theme ‘Feeding the City’ offers a great opportunity to test prototypes of innovations and showcase these to a large international audience.

The Feeding City research programme