Working on sustainable metropolitan solutions for the city’s most pressing urban challenges from a cross-fertilization between our research, innovation and educational activities, creates a vibrant breeding ground for new start-up ideas. Ideas that can transform into business opportunities and at the same time accelerate transformations in our urban environments – talk about a win-win!

“We see start-up ideas arise from our research results, from the entrepreneurial activities of our MADE students and opportunities that arise from new initiatives and collaborations in our innovative eco-system. This makes the launch of a pre-incubation program a logical next step in our mission to re-invent the city.”

Kenneth Heijns

Managing Director

Supporting a next generation of start-up ideas
AMS Institute is strongly committed to helping the next generation of ambitious urban and sustainable start-ups to turn their ideas into reality. The pre-incubation program is the latest addition to our suite of activities to stimulate and enhance entrepreneurship. In our pre-incubation program we will support a max of 10 teams and it will last approx. 4 months. We aim to bring the start-ups to the level where they have eliminated uncertainties, done a thorough customer validation, formed a strong team and can venture out with a solid pitch and prototype.

Building blocks of the pre-incubation program
All start-up ideas with an urban focus are welcome to apply to the program. The program will consist of the following key components that will help shape and successfully prepare your start-up idea:

  • Team composition: does your team have all skills on board?
  • Customer discovery: what is your market potential?
  • Pitch readiness: what makes a great pitch - as your pitch will be the starting point when presenting your ideas for the next phase in launching your start-up.
  • Creating urban impact: gaining a better insight in the complexity of urban systems.
  • For those teams that fast-tracked these stages we can also offer extra support analyzing the business case of the product or service.

Pre-register to join the program
So do you have a good idea, but need support in eliminating uncertainties and want learn how to successfully pitch your start-up ideas and enter a next phase at an incubator, then pre-register for the program (via Marije Wassenaar, Program Manager New Business Innovations).

We are open for all, but have a soft spot for students, graduates & researchers.

What will joining the program bring your start-up idea?
We have reached out to experts and experienced entrepreneurs; together with them we will guide you through this process to establish a well-founded basis to further develop your start-up idea. Next to this program we can offer the unique and extra benefits of: access to the testing area of the Marineterrein (the Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab), a Makerspace and access to a large ecosystem of academics, city officials, private and public organizations.

Depending on the needs of the team and maturity of your start-up idea the end date is expected in January-March. Our aim is to close the program with a demo day. We expect that after our joint journey you will be prepped and ready to apply for a larger incubator, grant/loan, you will have a mock-up/prototype and you’re maybe even ready for your first sale.

Submitting ideas
You can submit your idea till mid September (format & deadline will follow in august) after which we will select the teams that can start in October. The first run of the program is a pilot, and therefore participation is free of charge. 

So let’s create a better city together by turning ideas into start-ups!