AMS Appointment Kenneth Heijns as Managing Director

Entering the next phase in developing the institute, there will be changes in the governance structure of AMS Institute. The AMS board has appointed Kenneth Heijns as interim Managing Director to succeed Business Director Kees Slingerland.

Having built up and cultivated the institute’s three pillars over the past years, the year 2018 will be fully set on integrating our value platform, education, research & valorization cores – to jointly develop and implement cutting-edge metropolitan solutions that enhance the urban environment in a just and sustainable way.

With the appointment of Kenneth Heijns, Kees Slingerland will step back as Business Director. Kees Slingerland: “I am thankful to have been part of an institute that is highly dedicated to developing a deep understanding of the city and designing innovative solutions for its urban challenges. I am proud of where AMS Institute currently stands and trust on a prosperous development of its ambitions.”

Kees Slingerland has been involved in AMS Institute since winning the international tender in 2013, and the establishment of the institute in 2014. He served as board member until June 1st 2015 at AMS Institute, when he was appointed as Business Director.

The AMS board wishes to express its appreciation for Kees Slingerland’s commitment to AMS Institute over the past four years and for his role in shaping and developing the institute into an internationally leading institute where talent is fostered and innovative metropolitan solutions are developed and valorized in close cooperation with our business and societal partners, as well as citizens.

Kenneth Heijns has been part of the institute since its foundation, as executive secretary to the board of AMS Institute. Alongside Scientific Director Arjan van Timmeren, Kenneth Heijns will lead the institute into a next phase of development as from November 13th 2017.