As an institute driven by societal challenges and with a strong sense of community, we feel a responsibility to help contain and mitigate the spread of COVID19, based on government guidelines, and to ensure a safe working environment for our students, partners, staff and visitors.

Our guiding principle is continuation of all on-going activities. Where possible, we'll swap meetings, workshops and events for tele and video conferencing.

If activities are not possible from our home offices, or circumstances ask for a different approach, primary users of our building (for now AMS staff, EIT Climate-KIC) can request to work from our building. In the current phase, we limit the use of our building to a maximum of 20% workspace capacity.

In order to carefully guide the restricted opening of our building, we request users of the building to pre-register their visits, for which a registration form has been shared with all direct users of our building. All requests will be assessed based on priority and circumstances.

For questions or more information, please contact Stay safe and healthy!