As an institute driven by societal challenges and with a strong sense of community, we feel a responsibility to help contain and mitigate the spread of COVID19, based on government guidelines, and to ensure a safe working environment for our students, partners, staff and visitors. This means our building will only have limited access.

Staff and partners

If activities are not possible from our home offices, or circumstances ask for a different approach, primary users of our building (for now AMS staff, EIT Climate-KIC) can request to work from our building. This request will be evaluated by the COVID19 core team.

What consequences will this have for all users of our building?
In line with government and university guidelines, we will continue working from home until these measures are lifted. For pressing research activities that are location-bound, please contact

Master MADE
Although more MADE education activities are possible on our campus, the program currently will remain blended – which means that it will be a combination of online and offline education.

Policy when using the building
All visits to our building should be pre-registered. Either via the meeting room tool (students & staff), or via the registration form (external visitors).

In our building the use of face masks are obligatory. This means wearing a facemask upon entering, when moving between spaces and when leaving the building. Once you are sitting at a desk/in a workspace or meeting/lecture room, you may remove your facemask.

Upon arrival students will check-in using the QR-code on the first floor, other users of the building check-in via the registration desk on the second floor. We ask all users of the building to follow AMS Institute's hygiene guidelines and to follow indications and signage in the building.

More information
For questions or more information, please contact Stay safe and healthy!