AMS Exhibition of AMS-MID CITY graduation studio

In close collaboration with TU Delft Chair of Complex Projects, we investigated the role and challenges Amsterdam will be facing in the coming decades, towards 2050, by looking at eight different locations. The locations have been selected within the structural vision of the City of Amsterdam ‘Koers2025’: Amsterdam Centraal, Amstel, Zuidoost, Sloterdijk, Zaanstad, Oud Zuid, Schiphol, and City Islands.

Dealing with questions such as: how to deal with the growth of inhabitants and tourists, the extra demand for new housing, infrastructure, data and energy networks, climate change management, on a time horizon up to 2025 and to 2050? How to achieve substantial reductions in district energy use, water use, and transportation emissions?’ And most important: what kind of city do we want? – this research-based design studio, works on scenarios for the City of Amsterdam on a time horizon 2050, taking into account future technological developments or urban innovations in the field of mobility (self-driving solutions and electric vehicles), energy-water-waste resources (circular approach) and health facilities.

On Thursday 15th February, Kees Kaan (Principal Investigator at AMS Institute) opened the exhibition, together with a guest speakers from the City of Amsterdam. Interested in the results of this study? The models will be exhibited at the Orange Hall at TU Delft until 1st March. For more information contact Manuela Triggianese manuela.triggianese[a]

Photos by Mariapaolo Michelotto