AMS Urban Greenhouse Challenge Finale

On August 28th the finale of the Urban Greenhouse Challenge took place in Wageningen.

The Challenge
The challenge, initiated in January 2018, counted 40 international student teams at the beginning. During the finale, the 14 teams of finalists presented their designs for the most innovative urban greenhouse. The field of operation was set in the Bijlmer Bajes, a former prison in Amsterdam. The challenge was for the teams to come up with innovative concepts and technologies for the “ultimate urban greenhouse” in the Bijlmer Bajes.

At the heart of the concept is the significant production of food in the urban environment, and the integration in local circular flows. The project should also involve local citizens in the sustainable production of healthy foods. In addition, the Bijlmer Bajes could serve as a model for similar places in the world in terms of adaptive reuse of buildings in urban areas.

The Winners
The GreenWURks team won the contest with their Open Bajes plan. The jury, chaired by Aart Oxenaar of the Municipality of Amsterdam, called GreenWURks’ Open Bajes plan a well-connected design with attention for people, planet and profit, also taking into consideration the history of the building. The jury also saluted the fact that the team also thoroughly thought about the financial feasibility of the plan and a special mention was granted for the mysterious interior spaces that make visiting the tower an experience. The video here will provide an impression.

According to GreenWURks, the innovative, circular and modular plant production system of Open Bajes should be able to feed all 3 000 new inhabitants of the Bijlmerkwartier.

The Student Challenge ‘Design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse’ is a collaboration between Wageningen University & Research for their 100 years anniversary, Rabobank’s Banking for Food Inspiration Center, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute), Klasmann-Deilmann, Bajes Kwartier Ontwikkeling C.V. and FABRICations.

In closing, here is the after-movie of the Finale.

Header photo Guy Ackermans.