AMS Let’s Talk About Water

This week, AMS Institute hosts the Amsterdam Edition of the award-wining festival ‘Let’s Talk About Water’ on 8 and 9 February in De Balie and our own HQ in Amsterdam.

| 8 & 9 February | AMS Institute | De Balie | Seminars | Documentaries & Panel Discussions |

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Let’s Talk About Water
Let’s Talk About Water (LTAW) is a traveling festival, combining movies and panel discussions to spark conversations on local, regional, and global water issues around the world. For this Amsterdam edition, Let’s Talk About Water teamed up with AMS Institute to put together a thrilling set of speakers, movies and debates.

During the day, we have a strong line-up for the seminars which are held at AMS Institute. These seminars include speakers like the president of OECD’s Water Governance Initiative Peter Glas, UNESCO-IHE ’s Professor Water Governance at Margreet Zwarteveen and Kees van Leeuwen, Principal Scientist at KWR and Professor at Utrecht University.

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Documentaries & Panel Discussions
In the evening the program continues in De Balie with film screenings followed by panel discussions. For the panel discussions we’ve invited the movie directors and multiple experts in water, politics urban issues to discuss the movies or other – sometimes unexpected – aspects, related to water issues.

Find out more about who’s joining in the conversation after the screenings

Film program & panel:

| 8 February |
16:30 – 18:30 Weemoed en Wildernis

Digna Sinke
Movie director Weemoed en Wildernis

Koen Weytingh

Kees van de Lugt
Deputy Director Waternet International

| 8 February |
20:00 – 22:30 Last Call at the Oasis

Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis
Assistant Professor in Urban Water Systems at Delft University of Technology

Kees van Leeuwen
Principal Scientist KWR
Professor Water Management and Urban Devolopment Univeristy Utrecht

| 9 February |
16:30 – 19:00 H20mx

Araceli Rojas
Assistant Professor Archeology & Water Management in Ancient Mexico, Leiden University

Taneha Bacchin
Assistant Professor Delta Urbanism, Delft University of Technology
Researcher at UNESCO-IHE

Eva Gladeck
Founder and CEO Metabolic

| 9 February |
20:00 – 23:00 South to North – Cine Concert

Antoine Boudet
Director South to North, visual artist

Margreet Zwarteveen
Professor Water Governance at UNESCO-IHE and the University of Amsterdam

Nick van de Giesen
Professor Water Resource Management at Delft University of Technology
Principal Investigator AMS Institute

The seminars are free for all, please register via The tickets sales for the movies are being handled by De Balie.