AMS Paris in Amsterdam: exchanging ideas on public space and food production

On Thursday 23 June AMS Institute held its annual event for partners and friends at FabCity. A festive celebration of a year of great achievements. For this event French partners La Fabrique de la Cité and SUEZ Consulting were invited to take part in two (separate) workshops to find common research opportunities for cases in Paris and Amsterdam on Public Urban Squares and Nutrient Recovery.

Workshop Public Urban Squares
A team of La Fabrique de la Cité, AMS Institute and experts from both French and Dutch parties (NUMA Paris, Vinci Energy, Arup, GVB, City of Amsterdam, TU Delft and Wageningen UR) have worked on the theme of refurbishing urban squares. One of the questions discussed was how innovative technologies, tools and sensing systems can be part of a new urban design and create more interaction between citizens and make cities more healthy. During the workshop, the refurbishment of Place de la Nation in Paris and Weteringcircuit in Amsterdam were taken as cases and great thoughts were exchanged on what elements could play a role in this new design and how we can try and research how to achieve this.

Workshop Nutrient Recovery
How can we reuse nutrients as a resource for local food production in the urban context? This was the topic of the workshop a team from SUEZ, AMS Institute, and experts from Wageningen UR, LEAF, TU Delft, Waternet and the City of Amsterdam debated on. Despite there will be enough phosphorus in the coming decades, we already need to think about sustainable alternatives. Phosphorus is a mineral, essential for living systems but its resources are shrinking. Our urban waste system is an important source of (renewable) phosphorus. Thus, one of the questions was how new innovations in phosphorus recovery should be linked to the existing urban system. Since 80% of the underground infrastructure is located in streets, the challenge is how to link this with new urban transition and how to match it with the political agenda. Therefore a whole chain of expertise is needed, including the end-users like agriculture. A first pilot project will be start on the Almere Floriade 2022 named ‘The Street of the Future’.

We concluded the day with some summer refreshments and a compilation of AMS activities at FabCity Campus, research projects and other achievements of AMS Institute in the past year.