AMS Re-learning public space – An alternative city guide

On June 28-30, Amsterdam was home to Relearning Public Space – An Action Research Event. This turned around the concept of traditional academic conferences. During the event, researchers, students and their teachers, policy makers and active inhabitants spent most of their time conducting fieldwork and generating new insights. They sought the stories behind innovative approaches and appropriations of public spaces in Amsterdam, identified related dilemmas, and (re)formulated research questions together with citizens, their organizations, municipal officials, developers with and without property. The resulting city guide will serve as a platform to engage in further explorations of public spaces in Amsterdam, to connect to and learn from other cities around the world.

The event revolves around five thematic routes. You will find the resluts of each thematic route here:

Keynote Speakers were
Colin McFarlane, Durham University
Erik van der Kooij, Municipality of Amsterdam
Ellen van Beuren, TU Delft, PI AMS Institute