AMS Real-time insight into flow of visitors to SAIL 2015

AMS Institute and the Municipality of Amsterdam have performed an unique experiment concerning the flow of visitors during SAIL 2015. This involves a combination of real-time measurement techniques that will offer insight into the flow of visitors. This experiment is a first step towards the development of a real-time monitoring system that can be utilised as a support tool by specialists responsible for the smooth running of such large-scale events. The experiment run parallel to the established crowd management methods used by the municipality, and therefore had no effect on the tasks of the crowd managers.

Combination of techniques
AMS Institute’s team and experts from TU Delft and DAT.Mobility used a combination of Wi-Fi sensors, counting cameras, GPS trackers and social media to track the flow of visitors. Some of these technologies have already been individually used during large events. By combining the various technologies and analysing them in real time, an innovative system will be created that could form the basis of crowd management systems in the future.

Precise data, available live
The experiment will offer insight into the behaviour of visitors to SAIL, the routes people have taken, the amount of time spent at a given location and how the use of the location has progressed. This information is of tremendous value for the organisation of future events. Real-time availability is invaluable when deciding whether measures need to be taken on the basis of the data.

The project is run by Serge Hoogendoorn, principal investigator at AMS Institute and professor at TU Delft. He is an expert on urban pedestrian and cycle flows. He has received an ERC Grant for his research proposal ‘Unravelling urban pedestrian and cycle flows’, the research programme which he and his team will be undertaking during the next few years. The results of this experiment are a part of the programme.

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