AMS Robots among humans

€250.000,- NWO Veni grant for highly promising, young scientists awarded to Javier Alonso-Mora for research proposal “Robots among humans: safe and socially intuitive navigation.”

Robots among humans: safe and socially intuitive navigation

Autonomous robots have the potential to dramatically change the future of  transportation, industry, science and society. Crucial to a successful implementation of mobile robots in city life however, is their ability to autonomously navigate safely through often complex, changing and crowded environments. Collaborating with our Roboat team a.o., Javier Alonso-Mora sets out to develop an algorithm that secures a  safe and socially intuitive navigation for robots in dynamic environments.

Image 1 & 2: Challenging dynamic environments where mobile robots will navigate.

“Robots that are deployed in city environments have to be able to coordinate their routes in a safe and intuitive way.  The coordination with other traffic participants in complex urban environments is extremely challenging, says Javier Alonso Mora. This research aims to develop an algorithm that grants high performance and safe motion through changing, dynamic and crowded environments.”

“Autonomous navigation is one of the most promising developments in transportation and can contribute significantly to more sustainable urban mobility, says AMS Scientific Director Arjan van Timmeren, Javier’s research strongly complements the ongoing research activities within our Roboat project and we’re very much looking forward to collaborate with him. ”

NWO Veni grant
Veni grants are awarded yearly by NWO and provide highly promising, young scientists with the opportunity to further elaborate their own ideas during a period of three years.

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