AMS The first edition of WeMakeThe.City is a fact

The first edition of WeMakeThe.City is a fact. The 5-day festival included numerous programs and activities about making the Amsterdam metropolitan region better: fairer, more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive. The past days were inspirational, informative and exiting.

WeMakeThe.City is an initiative of the Municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Economic Board, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Waag Society, Amsterdam Smart City and AMS Institute. AMS Institute was involved in various programs, such as Next Generation Cities, Amsterdam City event, Metropolitan Mobility Conference, The Hungry City, Change the System, Together for New Energy, Roef Festival at Nemo City Lab, We Make Amsterdam Resilient and the expo Close to Reality, which is still open to visit until July first.

Check out this movie for a nice recap of the 5-day event.

Read about some of the events we were part of here

Change The System
The central question of this conference was: “How do we design, finance, build and exploit a circular city?” Pioneers sketched and discussed architecture, real estate, building, and financing perspectives. This topic is at the heart of AMS Institute’s Circular City program, where all these – and more – different perspectives are integrated. The conference showed that the complexity, challenges and opportunities associated with circular city development are increasingly well understood. The level of discussion revealed that Amsterdam is indeed taking a next step in the transition from linear to circular.

Next Generation Cities
During the conference, the positive and negative effects of technology were debated – both during an inspiring plenary program with key note speakers, and in break-out sessions. In particular, different perspectives were discussed regarding the transformation towards an inclusive digital city. The guiding questions informing which road to take were: ‘Who owns technology?’ and ‘Who owns the city?’. AMS Institute provided the Democracy by Design in the afternoon, which covered the question: but how can policymakers and others align technological systems for public infrastructures with democratic decision-making processes in cities? Read more>>

Metropolitan Mobility Conference
This event kicked off with a plenary morning program and afternoon breakout sessions on the themes of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) with a keynote by Eleanoir Lacroix (RATP) on the Grand Paris Express project, the addition to the metro system of Paris with 68 new stations that integrate mobility and urban development. After that, the new Amsterdam Alderman of Transport Sharon Dijksma expressed her thoughts on the challenges the city is facing and her goals for future mobility. AMS Institute’s program developer Tom Kuipers was part of a panel to reflect on the practical approaches the smart mobility team is taking and the role of TOD in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam.

Although Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is a theory that was developed a few decades ago, it still provides interesting guidelines for current experts, researchers and policy makers on how to deal with the interaction and integration of mobility and urban development. Especially nowadays cities like Paris and Amsterdam are facing a growing population, an increasing number of visitors and increasing mobility, which results in crowdedness and more pressure on the available public space. Finding new solutions for the relationship between space and mobility infrastructure is key. Providing seamless, efficient, sustainable and affordable mobility opportunities for individuals and goods while taking into account the common interest of society (Mobility as a Service) should be part of the solution.

We Make Amsterdam Resilient
On Friday AMS Institute organized and hosted this event with the aim of bringing under the attention the need to transform Amsterdam into becoming resilient and to explore various ways of co-transitioning towards a resilient Amsterdam.
Starting with inspirational keynote speakers who shared their own perspective on Resilience at 4 levels (general, city, community, citizen): prof. dr. ir. Arjan Van Timmeren,Prof. dr. ir. Serge Hoogendoorn, Diana Krabbendam and Nicoline Smalbraak. Followed by an interactive workshop whereby a group of participants with diverse backgrounds bowed their heads on how to transform Amsterdam into becoming Resilient. More info on the results will follow soon! Want to stay updated? Send an email to dina.elfilali[@]

We Make Amsterdam Resilient at AMS Institute

Nemo City Lab
During the Rooftop Festival Roef, NEMO City Lab transformed the roof of NEMO into a ‘living lab’. Visitors could join interactive discussions, experiments, follow mini-lectures, enjoy a silent disco, make your own plastic soup or just enjoy the view. AMS Institute Circular City expert Virpi Heybroek engaged with visitors on issues regarding the possibilities of waste water. NEMO City Lab is a program by NEMO Kennislink.

Talking about waste water at Nemo City Lab during Roef Festival – Photo credits Yvonne Compier

Close to Reality
The exhibition “Close to Reality” has brought together all aspects of spatial planning and architecture of the future of Amsterdam. The maquettes of the students of Complex Projects (TU Delft Faculty of Architecture) design studio “AMS MID City” have been exhibited together with 50 models at the Zuiderkerk, from 23rd June until 1st July. The work is part of the research project ‘Amsterdam2050 urban makeover’ done in collaboration with AMS Institute.
The Zuiderkerk has been a spectacular scenario for the setting of this exhibition. During the closing event, Manuela Triggianese (AMS Institute in dialogue with Eric van der Kooij (City of Amsterdam) explained how “AMS MID City” has been developed and how the models have been playing a great role in the debate on the future developments of the city, among practitioners, policy makers and scientists. Read more.

Close to Reality at Zuiderkerk Amsterdam – Photo credits Maarten Nauw

Amsterdam Smart City Event
At the Amsterdam City Event (ACE) – a knowledge day for civil servants of the City of Amsterdam – AMS Institute was part of the Knowledge Garden, where visitors of the event were invited to visit a broad offering in booths from players in the Amsterdam eco-system, to gain inspiration from outside of their organization. We explained interested visitors more on who we are and how we work, and particularly our mission in relation to our collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Check out the website of WeMakeThe.City for more recaps, pictures, and news that shows the many valuable initiatives that work together to make this city, via this link. An overview of our contribution to the event, you’ll find here.

A big thank you for this great first edition of WeMakeThe.City. Looking forward to WMTC 2019!