AMS Thomas H. Kolbe visits AMS for workshop on smarter urban applications

How can we use 3D geoinformation to improve our urban areas? And how can different initiatives work together in doing so? To explore potential collaborations between projects and researches concerning 3D geoinformation, AMS is hosting a workshop led by Thomas H. Kolbe – one of the masterminds behind CityGML – on 15 March.

There are multiple plans and projects working on a 3D geoinformation infrastructure for urban applications. This session offers different initiatives an opportunity to present their research or project and share their experiences and developments in order to to explore potential collaborations.

About Thomas H. Kolbe
As the co-creator of the international standard CityGML and Berlin’s amazing 3D City Map, Professor Thomas H. Kolbe is the world’s frontrunner when it comes down to 3D information systems. Next to his Professorship at the Technical Unversity of Munich’s Geoinformation chair, he’s currently Visiting Professor at TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

Preliminary list of this event’s participating initiatives:
Smart District Data Infrastructure, Professor Thomas H. Kolbe, TU Munich;
3D Amsterdam, Caspar Coopmans and Arris Oliemans, Datalab Amsterdam;
– 3D geoinformation for urban applications in Amsterdam, Jantien Stoter, TU Delft and AMS Institute;
– 3D for pollutant simulation, Hugo Ledoux, TU Delft and AMS Institute and the City of Amsterdam;
– 3D data infrastructure for urban applications (Digital Cities), Claus Nagel, Virtualcity SYSTEMS;
– 3D information infrastructure NL, Friso Penninga, Geonovum;
– Virtual model of the complete Netherlands, Marc Post, Kadaster;
– Automated reconstruction of 3D data from existing data sources, Tom Commandeur, TU Delft.

About the Visiting Professors’ Programme
This event is organized as part of TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment’s Visiting Professors‘ programme. With this programme the faculty attracts internationally renowned designers and researchers to contribute to the renewal of research and education with their outlooks and networks. The faculty invites several visiting professors each year.

The presentation session (10:00-14:00) is open. If you would like to attend, please send an email to Margo van der Helm: