AMS Serge Hoogendoorn Serge Hoogendoorn

Connected City || Urban Mobility
Professor Traffic Flow Theory, Simulation and Management
Delft University of Technology

In the past five years, Serge Hoogendoorn’s research has involved theory, modelling, and simulation of traffic and transportation networks. He focussed on innovative approaches to collect microscopic traffic data and the use of these data to underpin the models and theories that he has developed, using new techniques for model identification. In the VIDI project ‘Tracing Congestion Dynamics’, microscopic traffic data are collected from an airborne platform. These data have resulted in a new generic theory of driving behavior, with as key elements driver adaptation, inter‐driver heterogeneity, and multi‐vehicle anticipation. The data collection method has been applied to a multitude of situations e.g. adverse weather conditions, narrow lanes, work zones, incident sites. In the Full Traffic project, twenty instrumented vehicles were used to investigate driving behavior and long‐term changes therein due to advanced driver support systems.

The NOMAD pedestrian simulation model developed during the project ‘Collective Walking Behaviour in Public Spaces’, for which he received a PPS grant from NWO, has been completed.

Furthermore, he has initiated and supervised the NWO‐AMICI (‘Advanced Multiagent Information and Control of multiclass Integrated traffic networks’) programme, which was aimed at developing new models and control strategies for regional traffic networks.

Serge has initiated, performed and supervised research on evacuation modeling for buildings and for regional networks.I acquired a so‐called VICI grant for a large research program (budget 1,4 million Euro) focussing on transport and traffic management in case of exceptional events. We will be working on different aspects relevant for prediction and management of network traffic flows in case of an exceptional situation (large incident, hazards or disasters, etc.).

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