AMS Future Street

Redesign urban water infrastructure for resource recovery

Water-saving appliances – such as recirculation showers, water-free urinals and water saving toilets – are penetrating cities. These could help saving fresh water use, relieving sewage treatment and even contributing to resource recovery. But is the current urban water infrastructure, like drinking water supply and sewer network, ready for handling the reduced and condensed water streams?

The Future Street project addresses the effect of water-saving appliances on current drinking water distribution system, sewage collection system and the resource recovery and reuse facilities. The findings can contribute to the adaptation of current design criteria for urban water infrastructure.

Project duration: 2017.1 – 2018.2 (The living lab in GreenVillage is still on-going)
Partners: Wageningen University & Research, TU Delft, Gemeente Almere, Floriade B.V. & The Green Village
Project leader & contact: Wei-Shan Chen, Postdoctoral Researcher, Sub-department of Environmental Technology, +31317486941,
Related information: Living lab ongoing at The GreenVillage Deflt