AMS MSc MADE students visit Sydney

multidisciplinary course on smart water and mobility

For their first international study visit, the MSc MADE students travel this year to Sydney. Together with TU Delft students from Industrial Ecology and Civil Engineering, the MADE students are teaming up with students from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) for an interdisciplinary course on smart water and mobility. Learning from metropolitan areas abroad, the students develop sustainable solutions for Sydney’s Central Busines District. The seminar is a collaboration between the AMS Institute, DIMI (Delft Delta, Infrastructure and Mobility Initiative) and the UTS. Here you can read about their experiences.

Day 1 – First impressions of Sydney and fellow students
After arriving in Sydney and getting used to the hot weather and time difference we were excited to meet our team members at UTS today! All groups had done a small pre-assignment to get to know each other better and we kicked off the day with presentations of each group introducing themselves and their first ideas for their areas. After being introduced to each other, we had an interesting and informative presentation by Lisa Currie of the City of Sydney about their ambition to become a Water Sensitive City.

After lunch at UTS, it was time to explore Sydney on a walking excursion guided by Rod Simpson. Rod showed us around and took us to the Sydney observation point and taught us more about the history of the city and how this shapes the city as we see it today. It was a great way to get an impression of Sydney and of course to socialize with all students and staff. Looking forward to collaborating with everyone this coming week and excited to learn more about Sydney and start designing tomorrow!
– Carola and Marijke –

Day 2 – Sketching, drawing, and identifying problems
Before heading to Sydney the MADE-students booked an Airbnb where all 10 are living during the course. So on the morning of the second day, all of us walked from the MADE-mansion to the UTS-campus, which is about a 15-minute walk. At arrival at the Faculty of Architecture at 9.30 there was a day opening to get everyone on the same page and kick-off the real work of the project.

All groups are a mix of UTS, TU Delft, and MADE students, to create multidisciplinary teams of which some know and some don’t know the city. The 9 different groups have been appointed an area of the city to improve in terms of mobility and water infrastructure. This first day consisted mostly of visiting the own area of the city to take a closer look and all groups have started sketching, drawing, identifying problems and even brainstorming of solutions. After a long day of work, the MADE students returned home to enjoy homemade pizza.
– Martijn –

Day 3 – Hard work & wet clothes?
The third day, all nine groups proceeded to work on their specific case areas at UTS. After the morning briefing, in which we discussed which trends and developments were to happen in the City of Sydney, the groups scattered around to work on tomorrow’s deliverables; eye-height view, 1:200 section, 1:1000 map and an explanatory map. All of these for all three time frames, being 3 months, 3 years and 30 years from now. Synchronising the visions and goals between neighbouring groups are vital as well in order to come to one integrated solution for the whole CBD.

It is really impressive to see how much work can be done in such a short time-frame. And working a bit late on the assignment was not too big of a deal, as it was raining outside in the evening. The MADE students, however, do hope that their stuff did not get too wet, as all windows remained open when they left in the morning.
– Mike –

Tomorrow will see all groups presenting their first ideas. As can be expected; some ideas will survive the high expectations of our professors, and some will need to be revitalized.