AMS Citizens as sensors (Het Schone Waterexperiment)

Mapping water quality

This summer, over 250 Amsterdammers participated in the research ‘Het Schone Waterexperiment‘ to test the quality of the waters in the canals, ditches, ponds and vessels throughout the city. About a quarter of the Amsterdam surface is covered by water, and especially in summer the water in Amsterdam are used intensively. Thanks to the Amsterdammers participating in the research, it was possible to perform over 1000 measurements and map the quality of the water. During the closing session at the Waternet headquarters on October 6th, the first experiences of the participants were shared. Read the final report (in Dutch) here.

Citizen Sensing & Empowerment
‘Het Schone Waterexperiment’ has been another step in developing our citizen sensing and empowerment methodology. The participation of citizens in the process of identifying and solving urban problems is essential for the development of an adaptive and resilient city. Besides diminishing the distance between research and the needs of the city, it accelerates the process of generating social impact. Citizen sensing & empowerment works on innovative ways for enabling the participation of citizens in research projects.

Artisit Pavèl van Houten
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