AMS The Street of the Future

Towards a boulevard of accomplished dreams

The Street of the Future is part of the research programme The Feeding City, which is embedded in the Flevo Campus. The main purpose of The Street of the Future is to create a living lab in which technology – proven on lab scale or model scale – is brought together in actual houses and in an actual street. A street is the most complicated and most extensive part of a city when looking at the infrastructure. Drinking water, energy and waste water is supplied and collected to and from each and every house in a street. All these connections and infrastructures add up to a very complex system of pipes and cables that now serve a basically linear system of providing resources and producing waste products. The challenge for The Street of the Future is to collect the waste and treat it in such a way that it can be re-used on the same or even higher level.

Within the Street of the Future researchers, product developers, institutions and governmental stakeholders come together around the challenge of maximising the recovery and re-use of non-renewable resources without an alternative as phosphate, zinc and others. Technical solutions are tested and improved on lab scale, in virtual design and finally tested in living labs as actual streets and houses. This way, results will both a scientific base and a high level of potential application.

This requires a fundamental change in the set-up of the infrastructure for supply of the urban services and the way resources are used and disposed of. Not only technical solutions and innovations are needed, but also institutional innovations need to be designed, tested and improved.

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Wei-Shan Chen

The Feeding City research programme