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“Linking together the scientific programmes of Delft, Wageningen and MIT will deliver an enormous wealth of combined knowledge”

By compiling an MSc programme and offering  a summer course, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) and the possibility of doing Thesis research, AMS educates technically trained professionals who can inter- and transdisciplinarily develop and implement metropolitan solutions.

MSc Programme Metropolitan Research, Engineering and Design

At the heart of the AMS educational offering is a new, technical and entrepreneurial two-year MSc programme in Metropolitan Solutions leading to an (TU Delft / Wageningen) engineering degree. Contingent upon accreditation, it will be launched in September 2017. The first year will consist of (massive open on-line ) course work and practical/lab work. The studio work is supported by a course on analysing and representing metropolitan (geo and/or social) data. Students are introduced in and will make use of the AMS data platform, which among others contains large Amsterdam metropolitan data sets. The second year of the MSc will take place mostly on-site in Amsterdam and for the most part consist of a research-based thesis project in the Amsterdam living lab or in partner living labs around the world. In the MSc programme you participate in the public-private research programme, work directly with leading public and private partners on a real-life challenge to develop practical, real-life solutions.

After graduating you will be able to identify and investigate metropolitan problems and synthesise and design sustainable solutions for these problems. By doing so, you will focus on maximising the well-being of people and on minimising the environmental impact, within the context of the new circular economy.

For who?: BSc graduates with a technical profile
Starting date: September 2017   

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Sustainable Urban Development (closed)

An open, online course, with a study load of 4-6 hours a week during 7 weeks, for anyone who is interested in today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, which large cities and urban regions are facing.

For who?: open for anyone who is interested in the subject
Starting date: 26 January  2016
End date: March 2016

MOOC info

AMS Living Lab studio project Metropolitan Solutions (AR0053)          

During the Dutch Presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2016, the temporary FabCity Campus will arise at Kop Java-eiland, near the Marine Establishment in Amsterdam, where all Ministerial Council meetings will take place. The AMS Metropolitan Solutions studio will contribute to FabCity Campus by studying a small number of cases in the city-region of Amsterdam focusing on the flows of the city: energy, waste, food, mobility, data and/or water an developing socio-technical solutions.

For who?: Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University MSc graduate students
Starting date: April 2016
End date: June 2016
Registration is open

Contact: Remon Rooij, AMS / TU Delft education programme coordinator

Thesis Research

We are looking for you if you are an ambitious TU Delft or Wageningen UR MSc graduate student, who wants to work interdisciplinarily  on actual metropolitan problems and solutions. AMS can offer you unique AMS facilities, research/design cases and connections to the AMS network. The AMS educational programme is an extracurricular programme that can be followed in addition to your regular MSc programme.

For who?: Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University MSc graduate students
Starting date: from now on
Criteria: AMS MSc thesis/graduation protocol

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Summer School Thinking City: Resilience of Amsterdam (2015)

In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and several local partner organisations AMS Institute organised this summer a Summer School in which Amsterdam not only served as home base, but also as topic of study. A group of sixty scientists, planners and designers from all around the world worked for two weeks on specific urban challenges for the city of Amsterdam, in interdisciplinary teams and in close collaboration with local stakeholders.
To engage a wide audience in the debate, in the evenings a free public lecture programme was accommodated on remarkable sites throughout the city.

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Interested in the educational activities of AMS? Fill in the contact form and we will keep you informed. Or contact Remon Rooij (TU Delft) or Erik Heijmans (Wageningen UR).