• Junior Researcher Urban Sensing Lab
    Application deadline: 2 December 2021

    To what extent does the built environment affects aircraft noise, heat stress, wind flow patterns and air pollution? The Urban Sensing Lab is a research facility near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Hoofddorp) built of stacked shipping containers representing three streets and court yards.

    The team is looking for a junior researcher who is keen to support the interdisciplinary research team, consisting of researchers in the fields of building acoustics and environmental technology. As a junior researcher, you will collaborate with postdocs, and will be responsible for data collection and data analysis. In respect to data collection, computational research, and data analysis, you will assist researchers from both the acoustics and microclimatic teams. Find out more about the position here>>

    Read more about the project in this TU Delft Stories: Building differently to combat aircraft noise.

  • Research Fellow | Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
    Application deadline: open until filled. Planned starting date: first quarter of 2022

    A central concern in smart city systems is the occurrence of function creep: the practice where tools designed with a specific use in mind, quickly get used for other goals as well. Actions such as software updates, cyberattacks, over-ambitiousness at government agencies, or hostile take-overs can change smart city systems to work beyond their intended goals. Which intervention should be used to prevent this? And how we can easily spot whether undesired use of smart city systems actually occurs?

    We are looking for a Research Fellow with a background in Embedded Systems. The ideal candidate has programming skills, but also the ability to work with hardware. Expertise on machine learning, cyber security or cyber-physical systems is desired. The position will be with the Computer Science department at TU Delft, but the candidate should be available to work 3-4 days per week at AMS Institute. The candidate will interact with researchers at TU Delft and AMS Institute, but also with people at the municipality of Amsterdam. Find out more about the position here>>