• Sustainable high-rise building project manager
    Application deadline: December 19th, 2022
    You will lead a multidisciplinary collaboration on a two-year project: "Industrialized modular and low emission high-rise buildings in the G4." The project has the objective that the municipalities of the G4 make uniform calls for sustainability for high-rise buildings.

    The project is a collaboration of AMS Institute, TU Delft, Wageningen Research and a consortium of market players. We use an interdisciplinary living lab approach, which accelerates the development of solutions and ensures a better connection to and applicability in practice.

    Specific Responsibilities:
    • Responsible for leading the project "Industrialized modular and low emission high-rise buildings in the G4" within the program Circularity In Urban Regions;
    • Managing partners and coordinating cooperation between different organizations and knowledge institutions (triple helix);
    • Develop work plan for the project and translate impact ambitions into concrete results;
    • Monitor project planning and deliverables, and justify results to grantor (size +/- 2M Euro);
    • Realize impact, scalability and visibility of the project; and
    • Manage uncertainties and risks, and respond to unexpected events, as inherent to experimentation in living labs.

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  • Executive Secretary AMS Institute
    Application deadline: December 4th, 2022
    In the role of AMS Institute's secretary, you are the right-hand and interlocutor of the management team - which consists of a Managing Director, Scientific Director, and Director of Innovation - and of colleagues within the institute regarding business operations. Are you excited to take on the responsibilities to support our institute in administrative and business management processes?

    We are looking for someone who supports policy and decision-making and its effective and efficient realization, within the institute and with core partners. In addition, you design, direct, and coordinate operational processes. For example, you support the budget, seek legal advice, monitor and ensure the availability of management information and make the connection between (scientific) staff and support.

    We are looking for someone who, among others, has:
    • Experience with policy and operations in a complex organization;
    • Affinity with and experience within the field of AMS Institute;
    • Able to deal with the interests of various stakeholders from different disciplines and with different roles, responsibilities or experiences.

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  • Internship Data Visualization

    We are looking for a full-time intern to join our dedicated team for the visualization and sense-making of social urban data. This team collaborates with the institute’s researchers and other professionals to deliver a diverse set of visual products - ranging from print illustrations to 3D animations and interactive dashboards. You will be collaborating closely with experts in the data visualization team on a variety of topics.

    During your internship at AMS Institute you are surrounded daily by scientific research, education and entrepreneurship that contributes to metropolitan solutions – for Amsterdam and other cities worldwide. Can't wait to join us?

    We are looking for someone with the following qualities:
    • An intrinsic fascination with using numbers to make sense of the world
    • A keen eye for graphic design
    • Experience with visualization tools and/or graphic design software is a plus, but not as important as your eagerness to explore and learn
    • You can collaborate and process input on your work, while also being an independent creator

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