• Head of Communications
    Application deadline: May 8

    As head of communications, you are surrounded daily by scientific research and innovation, education and entrepreneurship that contributes to metropolitan solutions - for Amsterdam and other cities worldwide.

    Everyone at AMS Institute brings their own expertise and skills to the table, and jointly we develop and valorize integrated solutions to reinvent the city. This unique approach results in AMS Institute being a ‘buzzing’ melting pot for new ideas and innovation, which you can truly sense at the institute. 

    To reinvent the city, there is a lot to get done - also in terms of communications; How do we communicate our corporate story? How do we involve the right stakeholders at the right time without losing sight of our own focus? How do we translate the vast number of innovative solutions? How do we strengthen our community? That is your challenge!

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  • Research position or secondment | The role of financial risks in the development of low temperature heat grids
    Application deadline: March 29

    AMS Institute is participating in the project ‘Digitale Warmte in the MRA’, aimed to develop (by Firan B.V.) a low temperature heat grid in Amstel III, an urban (re)development area in Amsterdam South East. The project aims to provide waste heat of the datacenters to the new built homes, and serves as a demonstration project to comfort real estate developers about the usage of such grids and to stimulate the future deployment of these grids. This project is a first when providing datacentre waste heat to new urban housing in The Netherlands.

    We are looking for an experienced researcher, with an academic background (minimal PhD, or MSc with multiple years of professional experience) in real estate economics, financial risks for infrastructure development, financial risk perception or urban/real estate development. In this research position you will develop, execute and analyse a constructive but critic interview process with project stakeholders. Therefore, we are looking for a researcher who is highly sensitive to the interests of collaborative project partners, and can operate independently in order to collect important information for analysis.

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  • Project Manager | Responsible Sensing Lab
    Application deadline: April 11

    We are looking for a Project Manager 'Responsible Sensing Lab'. Responsible Sensing Lab is a collaboration between the City of Amsterdam and AMS Institute. Within the lab, scientists and designers explore and design creative and innovative solutions. Here, we investigate how we can develop so-called 'smart technologies' in the city in a responsible way.

    As our project manager, you will guide various design processes on this theme that aim to operationalize broader public values in technology, algorithms, hardware, user interaction and policy. Your focus will be on several projects in the areas of design, digital technology and ethics. Other responsibilities among others include stakeholder management (i.e. public agencies and scientific organizations), research and consulting, and leading workshops with multiple stakeholders to explore ethical and values tensions, developing concepts and prototypes.

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