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March 15, 2018

Future of Stations – Gares du Futur

Stations as nodes of intermodality: Peer-to-Peer exchange France/the Netherlands The station, as the main point of intersection between the railway and the city, is the central link in the mobility chain and, as a catalyst of urban developments, it is […]

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March 5, 2018

MSc MADE in Het Parool: Amsterdam is not only its location, but also its living lab

The MSc MADE uses the city of Amsterdam not only as its location but also as a living lab. Which caught the eye of Het Parool. In this innovative master, the topics that have an important influence on the quality […]

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Green Student Challenge

Together with Wageningen University and Research, AMS Institute is organizing a student challenge to design the ultimate urban greenhouse. The location for the challenge is the area that previously functioned as a prison, the “Bijlmerbajes” in Amsterdam. The designs and […]

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