CLEVER°FRANKE is a design agency that uses data to create interactive products and experiences. Combining strategy, design, and technology, CLEVER°FRANKE invents new solutions that exceed boundaries and helps organizations in their data driven digital transformation.

Founded in 2008 by Thomas Clever and Gert Franke, the agency collaborates with some of the most innovative companies from across the globe, designing cutting edge solutions for the likes of Google, Signify, HERE Technologies, Bosch and Warner Music Group. Adept at unraveling complexity, CLEVER°FRANKE helps them to inform and inspire, tell new stories, and create experiences that have impact. Along the way, they discover untapped value and hidden business opportunities that help their clients innovate and grow.

In 2016, CLEVER°FRANKE branched out to open their first US office in Chicago. Shortly after, in 2017, the agency started the Sensor Lab Foundation, with the aim of bringing the smart-technology community together by providing an open lab for experimentation, and by organizing events and workshops.

CLEVER°FRANKE and AMS Institute work together on urban data visualizations, to better unlock and share the results and impact of AMS research activities in a compelling visual stories for all our stakeholders.