As project manager Smart Urban Mobility, Daniel is involved in both the contents and execution of smart mobility projects at AMS. Amongst other things he designs and organizes stakeholder sessions and represents the AMS Institute in multiple research consortia, both nationally and internationally.

Together with large group of stakeholders, Daniel works on developing and testing ‘digital twins’ of the City of Amsterdam. For example in the XCarCity project, which builds digital twins to model the effect of spatial interventions for low-car cities, or the European ACUMEN project, that develops digital twins for smart multi-modal traffic management. Other projects include sustainable city logistics (SINERGI) and the role of mobility credits in future transport systems (DIT4Tram).

Outside his work Daniel is a member of Toastmasters, where he practices his public speaking and leadership skills to improve his hosting capabilities in stakeholder sessions.

Amsterdam is known as a cycling-friendly city, making it an attractive place for both work and residence. However, due to limited space, the status quo is constantly challenged. In his view, that is what makes Amsterdam such an exciting city to engage with and work in.

““In mobility there is still a big gap between people’s intentions and their actions, even if good alternatives are present. That shows how traveling comes with certain emotions, habits and routines. Sustainable mobility is as much a behavioural challenge as it is a technological challenge; requiring AMS its multidisciplinary approach.””