Sietse de Vilder is project manager and living lab coordinator at AMS Institute. Here, he contributes to creating a circular solar supply chain in collaboration with Biosphere Solar, Circularise and TU Delft in the FAIR-PV project. His main role is to bring together research, innovation, and management for circular solar panels, conducting real-life experiments with key stakeholders to foster lasting, scalable solutions.

During his master thesis, Sietse conducted research on the environmental impact of lifetime extension strategies for solar panels in urban regions. He continued this work for the municipality of Amsterdam as independent sustainability advisor and is now initiating effective reuse projects with the aim of integrating high-value circular strategies into the energy transition of urban regions.

The rapid energy transition away from fossil fuels brings new burdens on nature and society. Working at AMS Institute enables Sietse to pursue his mission to develop effective circular strategies, mitigating these burdens and creating a future-proof energy system.

“We must acknowledge the unsustainable practices in our energy transition and keep actively addressing them for a truly sustainable future. Circular strategies play a pivotal role in achieving this goal”