Sven Stremke is Associate Professor Landscape Architecture at Wageningen University, Professor Landscape Architecture at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, founding director of the NRGlab, and Principal Investigator at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. His research and teaching focuses on the relations between renewable energy technologies and landscapes, with a focus on areas with high population densities. Over the past years, Sven has published more than 10 scientific papers and a large number of book chapters on the planning and design of sustainable energy landscapes. Together with Andy van den Dobbelsteen (TU Delft), he edited the Sustainable Energy Landscapes: Designing, Planning and Development book published in 2013 by Taylor & Francis. Sven initiated and coordinated one of the first three AMS kick-start projects (Urban Pulse) and conducts research projects for various ministries, provincial and regional governments in the Netherlands. He is currently running three courses at Wageningen University and supervises four PhD students, all working on the energy-landscape nexus.